Russell S. Sprinkle, Ph.D., M.S., M.A.

Ph.D. Rhetoric and Writing--2001
Bowling Green State University

M.S. Psychology--2004
Eastern Michigan University

M.A. Rhetoric and Composition--1997
Eastern Washington University

B.A. Communications--1988
Chapman University

About Me

Russell S. Sprinkle, Ph.D., M.S., M.A.I currently live in Toledo, Ohio (USA). Toledo is located approximately 112 miles north of Columbus, Ohio; 60 miles southwest of Detroit, Michigan; and 96 miles west of Cleveland, Ohio, along the southwestern shore of Lake Erie. In addition to my role as an academic writing consultant for graduate-level writers, I also teach undergraduate psychology courses and graduate communications courses. I work for the University of Toledo, Owens Community College, and the University of Phoenix Online teaching courses and working individually with students from a variety of cultural backgrounds at a variety of academic levels. I also work for several of local advertising agencies as an editor and proofreader. 

In my spare time, I enjoy playing ice hockey through the ASHL league in Monroe, Michigan, and the SASHL league in Sylvania, Ohio. I enjoy attending local theater productions, traveling (Maui, Cancun, Florida etc.), and scuba diving.

More than an editor, I consider myself a writing coach (specifically pertaining to dissertations and theses).  Many people wait until they've written their entire dissertation before contacting me, and unfortunately I often find serious problematic issues that could have been avoided had we worked together sooner in the process.  

I'm confident I can save you quite a bit of time over the duration of the project since I've been on the "dissertation journey" myself and also helped dozens of candidates successfully complete the entire process.  First, I can help you shape your literature review so that it accurately and appropriately reflects the scholarly tone your committee will be looking for.  The literature review is typically the " scholarly soil" out of which most dissertations emerge, and it is often the most difficult to write.  I have some proven methods that we can use to help get you started in that direction.  If you like, I can also help you find sources within scholarly research databases and show you step by step how to construct a literature review for a dissertation.  

Secondly, since I've been working exclusively with doctoral candidates for quite a while now, I can help you develop your research questions, problem statement, purpose statement, theoretical framework, methods, results, and discussion chapters.  If you are using quantitative methods, I can help you determine the appropriate analyses to conduct and show you how to communicate those results using scholarly language.  The same is true for qualitative approaches.  Data collection and analysis can be challenging, but again, my goal (and my job!) is to help you meet the goals that you and your chair have for this project.  I do this by identifying and determining (with you, of course) the very next steps you need to take so that you always have a clear plan of action that is moving you forward.  

The dissertation journey is indeed a long one, and I can help you each step of the way to meet your chair's and your committee's goals.  Typically, this happens during frequent communication using texts, email, face-to-face meetings, and phone discussions.  I have office space in Arrowhead Park where we can meet to discuss issues that we might not be able to resolve via another medium.  It's a pretty involved process, and my services include more than I can possibly fit into this short space.  If you talk to any of my former clients, I think they'll tell you that my assistance has helped them in some pretty substantial ways, ESPECIALLY those who have worked with me from the beginning of the process and for whom I have served as a coach as well as an editor.

RS Consulting Services, LLC

RS Consulting Services, LLC, began as an outgrowth of my work as a writing instructor with more than two decades of experience in the professional fields of higher education, advertising, corporate communications, and public relations. I have completed a Ph.D. program (English) and two master's degree programs (English and psychology), all of which have helped me master many genres of academic writing. In addition to these educational programs, my work as an instructor in the fields of English and psychology during the past decade has given me the background and experience I need to help you with your graduate-level writing projects. Today, I continue to help graduate students achieve their goals through my academic mentoring and consulting services.

RS Consulting Services, LLC, Executive Advisory Committee

RS Consulting Services, LLC, regularly seeks the professional advice and guidance of experienced executives within the corporate, educational, and professional communities. These professionals are experts in their respective fields and provide valuable input regarding the organizational practices of RS Consulting Services, LLC (e.g., quality assurance practices, marketing strategies, academic protocols, continuous improvement programs, corporate responsibility etc.). I greatly appreciate their input and guidance as I work to provide the very best possible services for each and every client.

Following are the current members of the executive advisory committee for RS Consulting Services, LLC:

Marty Hogan, M.B.A.
Senior Director, Marketing
Wal-Mart Corporation

Bill Klatt, B.A.
Partner, Client Services
Breakaway Advertising