Collaboration does not occur without communication, so in order to work together effectively, we need to take advantage of all the communication channels available to us. Fortunately, many of today's technological innovations enable us to communicate quickly and efficiently through a variety of options. Following are a few of the most common methods of communication we can use when working on your project:


In Person

While there is much we can do electronically, face-to-face communication is always beneficial. This is why I always find it helpful to meet face-to-face with clients, at least initially. Meeting fact to face allows us to establish an effective working rapport and for me to get to know your needs on a more personal basis.

I'm available to meet with you at a mutually convenient location, such as a coffee house or library in the local area. For work related to larger or more complex projects (planning lengthy dissertations, conducting research, gathering data, conducting one-on-one interviews with research participants etc.), I can make arrangement to travel (e.g., fly, drive) to your location in order to work with you more closely. Following are a few locations where I often meet clients:

Bigby's Coffee House
Starbuck's Coffee House
Panera Bread Company


I am available via cell phone (419-344-1910) or home phone (419-843-7889) to discuss your project at any stage. If necessary, we can conduct conference calls with colleagues, professors, committee members, or other relevant third parties whose input may be helpful.


In today's world, email is essential. It is perhaps the most convenient way to communicate ideas, establish plans, share ideas, coordinate activities, confirm meeting times, and develop strategies.  Email is by far the most frequent form of communication I use with clients to help them move forward on their projects. Email me any time at  

Google Docs

Google Docs is an emerging collaborative Internet software application that enables more than one user to edit a document at the same time. Because the document is "housed" on the Internet, edits that you or I make are updated instantly on the site, allowing every authorized user/editor to synchronously view changes made by any other editor. It is free, and no special technology is required.  

The interface is very similar to MS Word, and many of the same functions are available, such as copy/paste, center, bold, insert comment, and so on. This application is especially helpful when we need to make and review revisions quickly. After we have completed reviewing/editing the document, downloading it to a Word document is as easy as copying and pasting. You can access a sample Google Docs document here or check out these short videos and see for yourself how Google Docs works: 1) What's Google Docs? (Video 2:50) 2) Google Docs--A Love Letter (Video 1:36)


Skype is a free and easy-to-use Internet video conferencing application that we can use to chat "live." Through Skype, we can view each other in real time using webcams and your computer. This allows us to discuss your project in real time even though we may be miles apart. Through Skype, I can share my desktop with you, allowing us to examine documents, spreadsheets, images, or other artifacts related to your project--all while talking live via video conference. Most computers have a built-in webcam, but if necessary, you can also purchase one for around $25-$40 at Best Buy or most computer retail outlets. Most webcams plug into your USB port and are are easy to use. We can then use the Internet and Skype video feed to discuss your project. We can chat from your home, your office, a university library, or any location that is convenient for you. If we need to, we can even conduct a three-way conference call using Skype.

You Send It

You Send It is a free Internet application that allows us to transfer large files without bogging down or overloading your email account. Most documents can be sent via regular email, but if your document contains a large number of figures or graphic images, You Sent It is the perfect solution.