While every project has a unique profile and trajectory, the bottom line is that completing an academic or professional project requires a significant amount of time, energy, and attention. Following are a few editorial and consultation services that RS Consulting Services can provide you to help you complete your project in a timely and professional manner.



As an academic writing consultant, my primary goal is to meet you personally, academically, and professionally at the exact stage where you need the most help. Sometimes this means talking through your ideas. Sometimes it means mapping out a strategy to help you move forward with your research. And sometimes it means helping you revise or edit a literature review, methods chapter, or results section. We can work together in person, over the phone (419-344-1910)via emailthrough Google Docs, or through Skype

I am here to provide you with the academic solutions, collaboration tools, rhetorical skills, and consultation services that you need to complete your project. No matter where you are in the process, I’m here to help you every single step of the way--as much as you need, as long as it takes.


As a member of the professional and/or academic community, you probably have developed some thoughtful and creative ideas about topics within your field. However, you may need just a little help polishing those ideas so that they meet and exceed the expectations of your professional audiences. Your audiences may include...

...the editors of a scholarly journal
...your course professors
...the chair of your thesis or dissertation committee
...thesis or dissertation committee members
...the graduate college of your university
...your academic and professional colleagues
...the larger academic community
...members of the corporate or professional community

By professionally editing your work, I will help you articulate your ideas using clear sentence structures, precise language, and appropriate academic vocabulary. 


It may not always be politically correct, but the truth is that we are judged by our language use, especially our writing. When a peace of wrting contains to many errers, authors’ loose credubility fast. See what I mean? You do not want your readers to spot obvious typos, misspelled words, faulty punctuation, or sentence structure errors after your work has been submitted or, even worse, printed in a publication. So when you write for a scholarly audience, producing error-free prose isn’t just a good idea: it is essential. Your credibility and your reputation are at stake.

I have been professionally proofreading in the fields of public relations, advertising, and higher education for more than 20 years. I use techniques that are specifically designed to find errors that others overlook and spell check will not catch. I’ll make sure that your work is 100% error free.


Calibration is simply a process whereby together we determine the best way for me to provide you with effective feedback. I will review the first several pages of your document and provide comments using several different methods (Providing Effective Feedback .pdf.). These methods primarily include textual edits, in-text comments, and marginal comments. 

After I review and submit the first few pages of your document to you, you can then determine whether I am meeting your goals for the project and providing commentary in ways that are the most helpful for you. Based on your response to my commentary, I can then adjust my commenting style according to your needs. Through the calibration process, my goal is to ensure that I provide you with the help you need in the most efficient way possible.  


Because the graduate colleges of every university require precise formatting specifications, formatting your work can be tedious at best and a time-wasting nightmare at worst. The difficulties of formatting a thesis or dissertation can quickly become overwhelming.  If the prospect of wrestling with Microsoft Word makes you frazzled, you can relax. I will handle all your formatting needs, including pagination, title pages, signature pages, tables of contents, front matter, headings, tables, figures, paragraphing, appendices, and all the other details associated with submitting your project to the graduate college.   


While some colleges accept electronic versions of thesis projects and dissertations, many still require up to five hardcopies. These copies are often submitted to the graduate college, members of your graduate committee, Dissertation Abstracts International, ProQuest UMI Dissertation Publishing, and other academic institutions.  Oftentimes, the handbook specifications of the graduate college require that these hardcopies be printed on very specific high-quality, acid-free paper.  Rather than making several trips to your local copy service center, I can print as many copies of your document as you need—all according to the exact specifications of your particular institution.


If you attend a local college in northwest Ohio or southeast Michigan, I am happy to deliver hardcopies of your thesis or dissertation to the appropriate institutional department or office.  If you are a regional or national client, I am happy to ship copies of your manuscript directly to you or to the appropriate institutional office.