Professional Correspondence

In the course of our regular social and civic interactions, members of our community sometimes experience the need to engage in professional correspondence. If you or someone you know needs a bit of help writing a letter or editing a document that needs a professional touch, I am available to draft/edit/revise such letter on a pro bono basis. Such correspondence may include a professional letter to a government office, a consumer complaint letter to a manufacturer, a business letter to a client, or some other form of professional correspondence.

Please note that I am not an attorney, nor do I provide legal advice; however, I am happy to help you represent your ideas in ways that reflect rhetorically sound communication principles and get your point across in a professional manner. Any correspondence I may provide is designed strictly to assist you in communicating your message in the clearest and most professional way possible and is not intended as legal representation.


Educational Scholarships

In the course of my academic involvement with various colleges and universities, I have the opportunity to meet with a number of students on an individual basis. During the course of my interaction with these students, one or two each semester often emerge as excellent candidates for academic success in higher education. These students are conscientious, mature, dedicated, focused, and responsible. They clearly recognize the importance of formal education both in their personal and professional lives, and through my regular interactions with them throughout the semester, these qualities become apparent. It is my pleasure to assist these students by deferring some of the costs associated with higher education.

Youth Hockey Scholarships

I learned to skate and play hockey at the age of 38. It wasn't an easy task, but today, 10 years later, I can say that hockey has provided me with a tremendous source of enjoyment and personal growth. I have come to recognize the valuable qualities that are inherent in the sport of hockey: teamwork, patience, toughness, hard work, dedication, communication, self-respect. These qualities are important for young men and women to develop in their personal and professional lives, and it is my pleasure to support this development through youth hockey programs in the Northwest Ohio and Southeast Michigan areas.