My standard rate for consultation services is $40 per billable hour. You will not be billed for preparation time, initial consultation, or driving time. Rather, I ground my billing practices firmly in the value added work that I provide. My goal is your complete satisfaction not only with the services I provide but also with the value you receive.


Estimates and Contracts

The first step is for you to let me know a little bit about your project, your goals for the project, and your timeline for completion. The easiest way to do this is via email or telephone (419-344-1910) (419-843-7889).

Based on our initial discussion, I can suggest services you might need and generally estimate the number of hours it will take to complete your job. I can also provide you with a client contract (.pdf) that outlines the specific duties RS Consulting Services will perform for you.


Unless otherwise specified, I will send you via email an RS Consulting Services, LLC, Invoice (Sample .pdf) using MS Word. You can simply download and print the invoice, then remit payment using the most convenient method for you. For smaller projects (under 5 hours), I usually submit an invoice within a week or two after the work has been completed. For larger projects that are lengthy or ongoing, I typically send out an invoice after five billable hours or so have accrued (about $200). Most clients find that this keeps the expenses associated with each individual invoice more manageable.

Methods of Payment

A variety of payment methods are available for your convenience:

  • Personal Check--Personal checks, cashier's checks, and/or business checks are welcome.
  • Credit Card--If you prefer to pay by credit card, I will send you an email with a link to my secured PayPal site.
  • Other Payment Methods--Money orders and cash are also acceptable forms of payment.


Clients typically remit payment within 30 days of invoicing. Any balances that are not paid within thirty days will bear an interest rate of 1.5% per month (18% per annum) unless other arrangements have been made. I rarely have problems with non-payment, and my assumption is that as a member of of the academic and professional community, you are trustworthy and financially responsible. However, should non-payment become an issue, you will be contacted by an attorney for RS Consulting Services, LLC:  

         Shawn Biesiada
         Attorney At Law
         500 Madison Avenue
         Toledo, Ohio 43604